Teacher/Staff Lunch Order

Teacher/Staff Lunch Form

We look forward to serving your teachers and staff. In an effort to be as organized as possible, we ask that you refer to our Teacher/Staff Lunch Coordinator Instructions.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Distribute the teacher/staff lunch order forms at least 4-business days before the lunch delivery date (page 3 of our packet mentioned above).
  • Set a hard deadline and collect the teacher/staff lunch order forms at least 2-business days before the lunch delivery date.
  • Organize the payment for the order.  The Team Member that will be making the delivery will not be equipped to make change.  Writing one school check is encouraged.  If you are writing a school check, please make it out payable to Chick-fil-A Union Grove Crossroads.
  • Confirm that your order total is $200.00 or more; required for all delivery orders.
  • Total the number of meals needed.  Submit ONE order by putting the appropriate quantity in your cart beside each item.  DO NOT SEND US INDIVIDUAL TEACHER ORDERS.  Chick-fil-A Union Grove Crossroads will not be responsible for packaging individual meals.  It is up to the teacher/staff lunch coordinator to organize each order accordingly.
  • To achieve order accuracy, we ask that the teacher/staff lunch coordinator be firm with the deadline.  Any additional meal requests after the order form is submitted will be considered a separate order.  The separate order will need to meet the $200.00 delivery minimum.
  • We happily offer a complimentary lunch to the teacher/staff lunch coordinator.  To qualify, we ask that the coordinator follow the above instructions.  Please indicate the type of meal that should be marked as complimentary.
Teacher/Staff Lunch Order Form 2024-2025
Submit this form to Chick-fil-A Union Grove Crossroads to place your order. Please make sure that all of the instructions above are followed.
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