WinShape Camps Food

Orders closed at 9:00 pm on 06/12/2024.  Thank you for another great year!

Things to know:


    • All breakfast orders will be delivered by 8:00 AM near the badge check-in. Please remind your camper to look for the Chick-fil-A table. We will attempt to deliver any breakfast items that are not picked up to your child’s group.


    • Lunch orders will be delivered to the camper’s room by 11:45 am and labeled with their name.


    • If you do not purchase Chick-fil-A for your camper, your camper needs to show up to camp with their own lunch.


  • If your camper has an allergy, they need to provide their own lunch.  Chick-fil-A will not be delivering food that accommodate those with food allergies.
    • We do not provide refunds for food ordered for camp.  If your camper, for whatever reason, does not attend camp on the day(s) you purchase Chick-fil-A for them, you may come to camp and retrieve your camper’s lunch from the Fellowship Hall around 12:00 pm.


    • If you know that your camper will not be attending camp before the week of camp begins, please contact us to discuss your options.